GenNEXT BSc Geology – 4 Years

The Geology programme comprises one of the most attractive options for students in the Faculty of Science. Brunei is a petroleum producing country and several leading companies are located here, hence the potential for Geology graduates is really high. Moreover, Geologists find attractive works in other industries related to mineral resources, environmental issues and constructions. The increasing demand of natural resources, as well as the necessity of the environmental management require the participation of Geologists, thus rising opportunities occur all over the world.

Teaching and Assessment

To obtain a BSc in Geology from UBD you must comply with the regulations of the University and Faculty. All Geology undergradmodules include a weekly 2-hour Lecture and 4-hour Practical. The assessment for each undergradmodule comprises of a final examination and coursework which include mid-term tests, elaboration of short projects/assignments and practical assessments. Students participate in field trips where they acquaint themselves with geological formations, processes and phenomena. At the end of your studies, during the 4th year, you will have to conduct a short research project in the frame of the undergradmodule “Final Year Project”. This is intended to expose students to geological processes and to make them capable to collect and synthesise data, as well as to train them to come to proper scientific interpretations.


The Geology Group is equipped with polarizing microscopes, Scanning Electron Microscope equipped with Energy Dispersive Spectrometer, X-ray Fluorescence Analyser, Digital Point Counting System attached to polarizing microscope, Seismograph, Resistivity Meter and Magnetometer, Gamma Detector, Luminescence Dating Spectrometer, as well as a fully equipped laboratory for sample processing and preparation of rock thin sections and wet chemistry lab facilities. A number of industry standard software like Petrel, IP, Kingdom Suite, MinPet, and many more, are also used in several courses for education in data processing.


When you finish your studies you will be able to participate in exploration surveys, to offer your services in many industries, to work as private consultant or you can continue with postgraduate studies (MSc and PhD). MSc studies will offer you the opportunity to deepen in specific areas of your interest either by attending to certain undergradmodules (Master of Science by Coursework) or by elaborating a research project and providing a Thesis (Master of Science by Research). PhD studies are proposed for those who wish to obtain specific knowledge, independent research profile and a highest degree that may lead to an Academic career, too. Today many Geologists have prolific careers with oil, gas and mining companies or with survey, environmental and engineering companies. Geologists are also recruited by different private and government organizations.

Module information

  • Major Module requirement: not less than 72 MC with at least 24 MC of the SG-4000 undergradmodules.
Module Code Title MC Type Semester Instructors
SG-1203 Introduction to Crystallography and Mineralogy 4 Major Core August Prof. Basilios Tsikouras
SG-1204 Introduction to Paleontology 4 Major Core January Dr. Amajida Roslim
SG-1205 Introduction to Geology 4 Major Core August Dr. Amajida Roslim
SG-1206 Introduction to Sedimentology and Stratigraphy 4 Major Core January Dr. Amajida Roslim
SG-2201 Structural Geology 4 Major Core August Dr. Afroz Shah
SG-2202 Petrography of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks 4 Major Core August Prof. Basilios Tsikouras
SG-2203 Geochemistry 4 Major Core August Dr. Elena Ifandi
SG-2204 Geophysics 4 Major Core January Dr. Aminul Islam
SG-2205 Geological Mapping 4 Major Core January Dr. Afroz Shah
SG-2206 Hydrogeology 4 Major Core January Dr. Stefan Godeke
SG-4201 Final Year Project (2 semesters) 8 Major Core August and January All Staff
SG-2306 Environmental Geology 4 Major Option January Dr. Stefan Godeke
Prof. Basilios Tsikouras
SG-2308 Geology of Brunei and Surrounding Countries 4 Major Option January NA
SG-2309 Marine Geology 4 Major Option January NA
SG-4301 Advance Sedimentology 4 Major Option August NA
SG-4302 Petroleum Geology 4 Major Option August Dr. Ragab Shalaby
SG-4306 Seismic Methods 4 Major Option August Dr. Aminul Islam
SG-4310 Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology 4 Major Option January NA
SG-4312 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrogenesis 4 Major Option August Prof. Basilios Tsikouras
Dr. Elena Ifandi
SG-4305 Micropaleontology and Biostratigraphy 4 Major Option January Dr. Amajida Roslim
SG-4307 Geotectonics 4 Major Option January Dr. Afroz Shah
SG-4308 Well Log Analysis 4 Major Option January Dr. Ragab Shalaby
SG-4311 Ore Deposits and Economic Geology 4 Major Option January Prof. Basilios Tsikouras
SG-4315 Seismology 4 Major Option January NA
SG-4314 Engineering Geology 4 Major Option August Dr. Stefan Godeke
SG-2401 Earth Processes 4 Breadth August NA
SG-2402 Aspects of Paleontology 4 Breadth January Dr. Amajida Roslim
SG-2403 Environmental Aspects of Earth Sciences 4 Breadth January Dr. Stefan Godeke
Prof. Basilios Tsikouras